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Announcing New Computer Science Concentration in Big Data!!! Start -- Summer 2016

16 March 2016

New computer science concerntration in Big Data is starting in Summer 2016! Stay tuned for more information!

Important reminder of 1098T

8 March 2016

Deadline to apply 1098T for 2015 is March 12th, 2016
Student who wants to apply 1098T needs to provide your full name, SSN, and current mailing address to finance@herguanuniversity.edu
Contact finance@herguanuniversity.edu for more information!

Now Accepting New Student Applications for Summer 2016!

26 Feb 2016

We are now accepting applications for the Summer 2016 Term for Master programs. For new applicants: $350/credit units and $200/credit units for pre-requisite units.
Application Deadline: April 30th, 2016

Now Accepting New Student Applications for Spring 2016!

16 Jan 2016

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2016 Term.

Important Parking information

Weekends EXTRA Parking

Please follow these rules when parking on campus during weekends.
1. Enter the Residence Inn through their SECOND DRIVEWAY about ½ block or so past the first driveway which goes by the office area.
2. Park only on the backside of their lot along the fence that runs parallel to Lawrence Expressway
3. Walk in and out of the lot through the gate that opens to Lawrence Expressway, just a few feet from the campus front driveway.
4. Put the sign on your car dashboard while parked at the Inn.
University Weekends EXTRA Parking Rules.

Upcoming Reminders


Don't forget it is Tax time: April 15 is the deadline to file without any penalty your state and Federal taxes.


Prepare your application for 2016 H1B lottery now!

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