About Us

Founder's Philosophy

The Founding President of Herguan University, Ying Qiu Wang, has spent his life in the pursuit of knowledge as a practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Being raised in China, Dr. Wang absorbed the fundamental principles of Eastern philosophy and began to form his own connections between these beliefs and his medical observations. This is when he began to formulate the “Herguan Theory.”

In Chinese, “her” translates to “core,” and “guan” translates to gate. The theory essentially postulates that humanity is intrinsically connected to the Universe, and is thus capable of receiving and regulating universe energy in ways that most of us are incapable of comprehending. He applied that concept to is traditional Chinese medicine practice helping many patients with physical ailments be improved by opening body “gates” through acupuncture and acupressure in order to better intake this life force into their “core.” Herguan University was founded upon these sets of universal beliefs. It is the dream of Ying Qiu Wang that not only will each student receive an exemplary education at Herguan University, but they will also become better individuals who are more in-tune with the Universe and it’s truths.